Renew licences

  • See The Yearbook Part 2: Common Regulations for Competitors (Licences) (H)

  • Common Regulations for Competitors (Vehicles) (J)

  • Common Regulations for Competitors (Safety) (K)

  • Part 3: Appendices: Competition Fees

Depending on the licence type and grade, you can take part in a range of events, starting at club level with a Clubman Licence to compete at national B level with a National A/B licence and international events overseas.

All competition licences need to be renewed for the current year, to run for the calendar year from January – December.

To apply for a new licence simply download the MSA Licence Application form here.

Sign In to member services on the MSA website to track and renew licences online.

Guide notes for completing licence applications

  1. Licences contain pre-printed details together with your previous year licence details.

  2. Section 1 must be completed with details of address by new applicants and applications that do include previous licence information.

  3. Section 2 requires a medical self-declaration and must be completed by all applicants to register for a competition licence. This applies to applicants aged from 6 years. See Medicals Requirements

  4. Section 3 please click here for medical requirements ( link)

  5. Section 4 specifies the licence you require and licence fees. This includes any express postage charges if licences require fast delivery. See Licence fees and upgrades

  6. Section 5 must be completed for new applicants and licence renewals.

  7. If you wish you may fax a copy of your application to check details before sending the completed form. However, you must send us the original form in order for us to issue the licence.