Where can I find technical regulations for Cross Country?

Technical regulations for Cross Country are found in section P of the Motorsport UK Yearbook. Specific event or Championship regulations are found in Supplementary Regulations (SRs) made available by the organiser.

What safety equipment needs to be fitted to my car?

Tyro Trials cater for the use of a standard production 4x4 vehicle without any additional safety items. For other Cross Country disciplines, vehicles are required to have safety equipment such as a Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) and a fire extinguisher to acceptable standards, details of which can be found in section P of the Motorsport UK Yearbook.

What personal protective equipment do I need to wear?

Flame resistant overalls and gloves are strongly recommended for all Cross Country events. The requirement to wear a helmet to approved standards differs depending on the discipline – it is a requirement for Hill Rallies, Competitive Safaris, Timed Trials, Team Recovery and Point to Point. Details can be found in section P and section K of the Motorsport UK Yearbook.