We Are


The Board of Directors and Executives

Motorsport UK is managed and organised by its board of directors and its working executives, these two groups comprise as follows:


David Richards CBE






Hugh Chambers

Nicky Moffitt


Mike Broad

Richard Norbury


Ben Cussons

Rod Parkin


Danesh Gangahar

Peter Read


Christine Gaskell MBE

David Richards CBE


Tim Jackson

Tony Scott Andrews


David Lapworth

Ian Watson


Chief Executive:

Hugh Chambers











Customer Services



Competition & Officials Licensing Manager:

Michael Wentworth


Competition & Officials Assistant Licensing Manager:

Gary Phillips


Competitions & Clubs Manager:

Simon Fowler











Technical Director:

John Ryan








Safety Director:

Kate Adamson



Compliance Officer (Safeguarding, Anti-Doping & Immigration):


Jennifer Carty





Finance Director:

Danesh Gangahar


Sporting Executives



Autotest, Cross Country, Rallies, Regional & Trials Executive:

Ian Davis


Race, Speed & Kart Executive:

Cheryl Lynch





Secretary to the Motor Sports Council



Secretary to the Council:

Andrea Richards





Executive/Office Services



HR & Facilities Manager:

Sheila Barter








Training Executive:

Alan Page


Development Manager:

Suze Endean


Motorsport UK Manager:

Greg Symes


Training Officer:

James Betchley






Commercial Director:

Colin Clark


Head of Communications:

Tim Swietochowski


Motorsport UK employs over 40 full-time staff.