Motorsport UK members on the winning team


Classic car racers Tina Cooper, Sharlie Goddard and Lorraine Gathercole donned mechanics overalls for the first of a new televised game show - Mission Ignition to rebuild a classic car.

The three Motorsport UK and British Women Racing Driver’s Club members were selected to put back together a classic car that the Channel 4 crew had stripped apart. With no prior knowledge of the car, with only one day to do it in the trio went into battle with another team of three. The first team to start the car got to keep it, so there was more than just pride at stake.

The girls in blue were delighted to be in Indy Car Legend Dario Franchitti’s camp whilst their opponents, three race instructors in red, were backed by Take That star Howard Donald.

The trio were presented with a stripped out Porsche 944, whilst the opponents were faced with a Lotus Elan. Both cars had been stripped to the same degree with the engines out and key components removed, along with suspension, brakes, exhaust, seats, doors, bonnet, boot, lights and bumpers.

Both teams faced the challenge with good humour, a comprehensive tool box but no instruction manual and were left to ‘figure it out’ for themselves. Despite a slow start, the girls kept a tidy ship, and this was to prove vital as they reached the first check point in the lead - the boys having to remove the engine already fitted to install a vital missing component.

That lost time was never recovered and the girls were first to call for the ignition keys, and with the first click the wipers sprung into action and the second click saw the engine roar in to life and the team got to claim the coveted prize.

Dario was mightily impressed, as he goes into the lead in this four part series.

This episode can be seen here

And as for the car, now aptly named Dario, the girls plan wil luse the car to share the love of motoring, motorsport and cars.

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