Timekeeping is an essential element of most motorsport events, with the Timekeeper’s role being to record competitors’ times and positions in order to determine the event results.

The tools used range from simple hand-held stopwatches to complex electronic timing systems that can accurately measure to the nearest thousandth of a second.

A Rally Timekeeper grade may take charge of the timing on rallies up to and including National B status events. The role involves arranging and configuring appropriate timing equipment for the event, ensuring that the Timing Marshals using the equipment are familiar with their use and understand the procedures for timing at their nominated control.

The role of a Rally Timekeeper is not to be confused with that of a Rally Timing Marshal. Timing marshals at each of the timing points along the route, use rally timing equipment to ensure that that the competitors receive the correct time while they participate in a car rally.

Whilst the Chief Timekeeper is responsible for providing the accurate timing equipment, correctly configured to the rules of the event, the role of the Timing Marshal is to operate the equipment at different control points along the route, giving competitors the appropriate time at the control.


Timekeepers can begin training from the age of 16 and are eligible to qualify as fully licensed Timekeepers once they turn 18.

 All training for Timekeepers is conducted via modular training programmes; they begin as Trainee Timekeepers and subsequently undertake further modules to progress through the different grades and/or disciplines.
Training is carried out under the guidance of senior Timekeepers, who act as mentors throughout the training period.

Getting started
The process for obtaining a Trainee Timekeeper licence is free and simple; download and complete the Motorsport UK’s New Officials Registration form and return it by post to the Membership Services Team.
You will then be sent a Trainee Licence and an introductory pack, with a Modular Training Programme.