- Certificates of Exemption

What is a Certificate of Exemption?

A Certificate of Exemption is a pre-paid type of permit issued by the MSA to exempt the event from the regulations contained within the MSA Yearbook. A Certificate of Exemption from these regulations indicates that there is no right of appeal to the Motor Sports Council and that provided the MSA has granted specific approval, members of unrecognised clubs or members of the public may participate, but not officiate, at such events. The following events may be run under a Certificate of Exemption:

  • Touring Assembly
  • Road Safety Event
  • Procession for Historic Purpose
  • Procession for Charitable Purpose
  • Veteran Rally or Run
  • Gymkhana
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Concoursd’Elegance.

Certificates of Exemption for MSA approved Marshal’s Training are also available at no charge.

What is a Gymkhana?

A Gymkhana is a series of fun games or tests where no test is determined solely by the speed or skill of the driver controlling the vehicle.

The types of activity include balancing objects on the car bonnet, collecting items from cones and wheel changing. It is not an Autotest. You may time some activities but not to an accuracy of less than 5 seconds. There must not be more timed tests than untimed.

Is a Certificate of Exemption needed for Touring Assemblies?

Regulation D4.1 states that no event may be held unless the MSA has signified its approval by the granting of an organising permit or certificate of exemption, therefore, any MSA Recognised Club must apply for the appropriate approval.

Touring Assemblies are defined in the Definitions, Appendix B in the MSA Yearbook.

Is Route Authorisation required for Touring Assemblies?

Touring Assemblies are not competitions so Authorisation under the Motor Vehicles (Competitions & Trials) Regulations 1969 is not required. There must not be any timing or requirement to visit pre-arranged points, other than the finish where a specified time ‘window’ may be included.

No prize money may be allocated nor any awards given, except those in relation to activities off the public highway at the finish. MSA Clubs will require Certificate of Exemption to cover the event.