The Judicial Committee would welcome applications from experienced motorsport enthusiasts who are able to contribute to the ongoing development of this aspect of the sports’ governance. Primarily, the Judicial Committee has responsibility for oversight of the judicial regulations that form section C of the MSA Yearbook but also takes a broader view of any judicial dimension to regulations across the breath of motorsport disciplines.

Formal legal training or experience may be helpful but is not necessary. It is more important that candidates have experience of working with the MSA’s judicial processes or those of other similar sporting bodies. Such experience could have been gained, for example, as a team manager/principal, as a senior official or event organiser, or possibly as a competitor or manager/coach. Experience could come from any branch of the sport (or another sport) but an interest across the range of motorsport disciplines would be helpful. A willingness to bring new ideas and constructively challenge the status quo is always welcome.

Applicants should submit a CV of their motor sport involvement and achievements, including any relevant qualifications, together with a supporting letter  from an MSA-recognised club or Regional Association.

Applications must be sent to andrea.richards@msauk.org and received before 22 June 2018; please note any applications received after this date will not be considered.