Age: 8

Driver represented: Sergey Sirotkin

"Being an F1 Future Star was extremely fun and it will be an experience I will remember for my life.

I was at school when I found out I was going to be a Grid Kid. I was brought to the office and saw my mum holding a letter which she gave to me.  I was allowed to bring the letter back to show my class and I was overwhelmed that I had been selected by David Coulthard, Steve Jones & Jack Aitken.

"On the big day at Silverstone I was so excited when I woke up I couldn't wait to get to the track.  I walked through the F1 paddock entrance and it felt like I was walking into a place I wanted to be my whole life.  I met up with some of my karting friends, who had also been chosen, and I was very excited to be told that I would be standing with an F1 driver in my favourite British team, Williams.  Next, I was able to meet all of the drivers I had dreamt to be with and I was proud that my karting career had given me this big opportunity.

"When I was given my suit and put it on I felt like it was really happening and was going to be the time of my life.  Then soon enough I was standing on the actual Silverstone F1 racing track with F1 drivers and the cars just a couple of metres away from me.  The Red Arrows flew past my head and I was able to watch the amazing tricks.  I was overwhelmed to see soldiers playing tunes in front of me for this very special event with me being so lucky to be included.

"It's been such a special occasion that I'm going to frame the suit and boots that have stood on the Silverstone F1 track in England with all of the F1 drivers standing next to them.

"I can't thank Motorsport UK enough for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will never be forgotten."

2018 F1 Future Star
Callie Clifford