Age: 8

Driver represented: Kevin Magnussen

Simon Parker, father of Skye: “Skye loved every moment of it. For an eight-year-old who has never been to a Grand Prix before - having the opportunity to meet drivers that she has only seen on TV - was mega.

“I honestly believe that a lot of Skye’s recent ethic for racing is directly attributable to the ‘F1 Future Stars’ opportunity. It has made her even more of a racer than she was before. But I also see it in her other activities. There was an opportunity to get on the school council and represent her class. It required her working on a presentation, presenting to the class and securing the votes of her classmates (not something I would see her doing beforehand). After the ‘F1 Future Stars’ application she saw it as something less daunting…and she won the nomination!”

2018 F1 Future Star
Skye Parker