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WEX Europe Services Fuel Card

Free fuel card with no fees and discounted fuel

Motorsport UK has teamed up with leading fuel card provider, WEX Europe Services, to offer our members discounted fuel prices, with their range of fuel cards.

The deal allows Motorsport UK members to apply for a free fuel card, usually costing £36 per card, per year. The fuel card will be valid in over 3,000 filling stations across the UK and Europe and offers members the following savings:

  • 3ppl off Diesel (Standard and Premium)
  • 2ppl off Unleaded (Standard and Premium)
  • 0.5ppl off all fuels at Tesco and Morrison’s

The fuel card is available for both business and private users and is a convenient way to pay for petrol, diesel, and other fuels at filling stations. Members can reap significant potential benefits with a fuel card such as reduced fuel costs and more efficient route planning, as well as tax-compliant invoices for business users.

To redeem, join Motorsport UK today and log in to the member portal.

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