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Instagram is a photo and video sharing app-based social media platform. You can view Instagram accounts online but will need to download the smartphone app from your App Store to be able to post content.


As of March 2020, there are 24,460,000 Instagram users in the UK – that’s 36% of the UK population. Unlike other social media platforms, the majority of UK Instagram users are female with the largest user group aged 25-34 years old. Therefore Instagram could be an ideal way of your club reaching a younger and more diverse demographic.


The easiest way to create an Instagram account is to download the app from your device’s App Store. When you open the app and click sign up, you will be given two options – log in with your Facebook account or create an Instagram account.

Logging in with your Facebook account will allow Facebook to share your name, profile picture and email address with Instagram to speed up the sign-up process. If you wish to create an account for your club separate to your personal Facebook page, you will need to fill out the signup form and provide:

Mobile number or email address
Your full name
Your desired username – this is how people will find your account. We recommend setting this as your club name
A password – don’t make this too personal to you as other club members may need to access the account

Once you have created your account, Instagram will recommend some popular accounts for you to follow. You can search for your favourite motorsport stars, teams or championships to get started.


Take some time to explore the app and get used to its different features. You can navigate the app using the fi­ve buttons at the bottom of the app home screen.

To view your profile, select the silhouette of a person (or your club logo once you have added a profile image) to the right of the bottom menu. Here, you will be able to view any posts you make and edit your profile.

Select Edit Profile to add your club biography, website and logo. Underneath ‘Bio’ on the app you can choose to ‘Switch to a Professional account’. We recommend doing this as it lets Instagram know that you’re running the account on behalf of an organisation and allows you to view account analytics.

Analytics will help you to see how well your posts perform and work out when it is the best time to post. It will also provide basic demographics about your followers so you can get a feel for your average follower and the content they might like to see.



Instagram stories are a great way of updating people live throughout a club event. Why not try experimenting at your next event?

To create your first Instagram story, select the camera icon in the top left-hand corner of the Instagram app home screen. You can then take a photo of your event, hold the screen to record a video or upload your own photo or video. Instagram Stories display as portrait orientation; landscape footage will display, but it is advisable to upload portrait orientation content where possible.

Once you have added your footage, you can add a location stamp, time stamp, text and stickers to your story if you wish. To do this, explore the five buttons that are displayed on top of your footage in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You may want to write the name of your event and add its location to let your followers know what they are seeing.

When you are happy with your story, simply select ‘Your story’ (under your profile picture in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Your footage will now be visible for 24 hours to anyone who follows you or visits your page. To view your own story, press on your profile picture – which should now have a purple ring around it – either on your Instagram page or in the top row on the Instagram app home page. You can view the stories of other people you follow by selecting their profile pictures in this top row on the app home page.

You can view the stories of other people you follow by selecting their profile pictures in this top row on the app home page.

To save your story to your Instagram page permanently, simply press the heart in the bottom right hand corner of the screen when viewing your own story. This will allow you to create a ‘Highlight’ which will appear on your account for all to see. Highlights are a great way of letting someone relive one of your events. Why not create a highlight of your next club event?



  • To view the posts of the people you follow, simply press the Home button
  • Post photos from club events or of club member’s cars to get started and attract some motorsport followers
  • Share your Instagram name with all club members so that they can follow the account and help boost follower numbers
  • Include hashtags in the caption of every post. Hashtags can be as simple as #Car and will allow your post to reach more people who may be searching for car related content
  • To achieve the best post engagement, the optimal time to post is generally in the evenings between 18:30 and 21:00. Make sure you check the analytics on your account so you can work out the best time to post in order to reach your target audience



Follow Motorsport UK on Instagram by searching for @ourmotorsportuk within the app.

Make sure to tag us, @ourmotorsportuk, in any posts or stories and we may share them on our account.



Hosted by the Motorsport UK Communications Team, this hour long webinar will offer best practice tips for running your club’s accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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