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Twitter is a popular social network where users post ‘Tweets’ of up to 280 characters, plus an image or video.


13.7 million people in the UK use Twitter. It is a great, free tool for reaching new and more diverse audiences, and engaging with fellow motor enthusiasts and clubs.


Creating a Twitter account is quick and easy, and can be done online or on the smartphone app. To create an account online, go to and click ‘Sign Up’ on the right-hand side of the screen.

You will need to provide your name and email address or phone number to get started. Make sure you use an email address or mobile phone number you have access to as you will need to verify your account before continuing.

Once you have verified your account, you will need to create a password. Don’t make this password too personal to you as other club members may need to access the account. Twitter will then ask you to upload a profile picture.

This should ideally be your club logo. A Twitter profile picture is round, so you may need to save your logo with a white background as a square shape so that it fits in the circle.

You’ll then need to add a short biography for your club. Keep it brief as there is a limit of 160 characters in length. Twitter will then ask what areas you are interested in, before suggesting well-known people for you to follow. You can search for your favourite motorsport stars, teams or championships to get started.

Once you have created your account, click on ‘More’ at the bottom of the left hand menu and select ‘Settings and Privacy’. Here you are able to set and change your username, otherwise known as your Twitter handle. This should be your club name so that people can easily find you. You will most likely have to abbreviate it in some way to meet Twitter’s length restrictions.


Take some time to explore Twitter and become accustomed to how it works. To post a Tweet, simply click and start typing over the ‘What’s happening?’ message at the top of the screen. The icons at the bottom of your tweet will allow you to add photo, videos, GIFs, polls and emojis to your tweet.

You will receive a notification every time another account ‘retweets’ (shares your tweet with their followers), mentions you in a tweet (@YourMotorClub), or likes one of your tweets.


  • Tweets containing photos and videos tend to reach more people and achieve better engagement
  • The maximum length of video you can upload to Twitter is 2 minutes and 20 seconds. The file must also be under 4GB to be uploaded
  • Make sure to mention another Twitter account (@TheirName) if you are speaking about them so that they can see your tweet and maybe reply
  • Post recent club news and photos from events to get started and attract some motorsport followers
  • Share your Twitter handle (@YourMotorClub) with all club members and encourage them to follow the account and help boost your follower numbers
  • Include hashtags in every post if you have the character space. This will help fellow motorsport fans and competitors find your posts
  • Your hashtags can be as simple as #trial, #grassroots, #rally etc. Don’t include a space in your hashtag or it will only include the first word. A simple way of distinguishing new words in a hashtag is to capitalise the first letter. For example, to hashtag Motorsport UK we would have to write it as ‘#MotorsportUK’ rather than ‘#Motorsport UK’
  • Retweet content and engage with other motor clubs and motorsport venues to build relationships
  • Make use of the feature to schedule tweets in advance. This will allow you to save time by sitting down and planning your social content for the next week or month ahead of time.
  • Keep an eye on the timing and content of posts that perform well. This will help you to build a picture of what type of content your audience enjoys and what time they are online. For an in depth look at the performance of your account visit


Follow Motorsport UK on Twitter by searching for @ourmotorsportuk within the site.

Make sure to tag us, @ourmotorsportuk, in any tweets and we may retweet them on our account.


Hosted by the Motorsport UK Communications Team, this hour long webinar will offer best practice tips for running your club’s accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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