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Zoom Video Calling

Group video calling is a great way to host a virtual club night or meeting. Our recommended software is Zoom as it is free programme that allows you to chat with up to 100 members at once, but there are other providers available. Zoom is a chat-based collaboration tool that provides global, remote, and dispersed teams with the ability to work together and share information via a common space.  Like many other similar platforms you can utilise features like document collaboration, one-on-one chat, team chat, and more.



Zoom can be used via a web browser or via an app that can be downloaded to your device. If you’re planning to setup meetings it is recommended to download Zoom, click here to download. Once open you need to setup a free account.

Once you have downloaded Zoom to your desktop and created an account, the homepage will offer you four options:

New Meeting – Create a meeting and invite people from your contacts

Join – Join a pre-arranged meeting

Schedule – Arrange meetings for the future and share the invite with others

Share Screen – Share a document or item on your screen and invite others to view, discuss and collaborate on it



Click schedule on the Zoom homepage and then fill out your meeting details.

Topic – Give your meeting an appropriate title. People will be able to search and join your meeting using the title if required

Schedule – Set the date, time and duration of your meeting

Meeting ID – Choose Generate Automatically and a unique ID will be created for your meeting

Password – Only choose this if you want to restrict user access for confidential meetings

Video – Choose Host and Participants ‘on’ if you want everyone to be visible by video

Audio – Choose Telephone and Computer Audio in the event that participants want to join by phone for audio only. Ensure you click Edit and set to dial in from UK

Calendar – Choose this if you would like to add the meeting to your Outlook or Google calendar

Click ‘Schedule’ in bottom right-hand corner to finish. To share your meeting invitation with club members, click on ‘Meetings’ in the top navigation bar, select your upcoming meeting and click ‘Copy Invitation’ on the right-hand screen. Make sure to share either the meeting link or 12-digit Meeting ID and password with attendees.



  • The free version of Zoom will end your meeting after 40 minutes. You can start another meeting as soon as one ends if you need more time.
  • Zoom offers the option to record meetings. Make sure you seek permission from all meeting attendees if you wish to record the meeting.



To join a Zoom meeting you will need to have a direct link to the meeting or know the unique meeting ID. If you have a direct link, simply click to join and follow any on-screen instructions. Otherwise, visit the Zoom website, click ‘Join a Meeting’ and enter your meeting ID. If you’ve downloaded the app, you can also just click ‘Join a Meeting’ and enter your meeting ID.

Follow any on-screen instructions. You may be prompted to download Zoom but you do not need to. Click ‘Join from your browser’ at the bottom of the screen to join the meeting without downloading the Zoom software.



Once in the meeting, you will be able to enable and disable your microphone and camera, invite others to join, and share your screen with the meeting to review documents. All controls are along the bottom of the meeting window. If you have over 25 people in your meeting, the participants will be displayed over multiple screens.



  • All users will be dialling in via different hardware configurations. It is often best if everyone keeps their microphone muted until they want to speak. This avoids any build-up of background noise or feedback for all users during the call.
  • Users will need to ensure that they have enabled the microphone and camera on their device. The software will prompt this on sign in if not already permitted.
  • There is a mobile app available which is very easy to use but will require the user to set up an account to gain access and then they can use the link or the meeting ID number (provided as part of the invitation) to join.
  • The most effective way to participate in the call is to utilise a dual-screen setup if possible. This means you can still view participants on one screen and documents on another. However, bear in mind that nor all participants will have two screens.
  • As with a normal meeting, it helps to sign in early and resolve any technical challenges, so at the allotted time, the meeting agenda can commence. We recommend at least 15 minutes for this.
  • To assist with the cadence of the meeting, it is a good idea to follow a meeting protocol whereby participants raise a hand when they want to make a point or ask a question. The chairperson can then direct attention to that person at the correct moment.
  • If the chairperson has never used Zoom before to host a meeting, it is worthwhile running a practice session with a small group of participants to understand the options available and iron out any technical issues.


If you get stuck or have any issues while setting up your meeting, Zoom have a library of tutorial videos to help you make the most of the platform.

Click here to view the short instructional videos on how to join a meeting, create a meeting and more.

As well as video calling, Zoom also has the functionality to host webinars. Follow the link above for a video tutorial on setting up a webinar.