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FAQ: Certificates of Exemption

What is a Certificate of Exemption?

A Certificate of Exemption is a pre-paid type of permit issued by Motorsport UK to exempt the event from the judicial regulations contained within the Motorsport UK Yearbook, which indicates that there is no right of appeal to the Motor Sports Council and that provided Motorsport UK has granted specific approval, members of unrecognised clubs or members of the public may participate, but not officiate, at such events. The following events may be run under a Certificate of Exemption:

  • Touring Assembly
  • Road Safety Event
  • Procession for Historic Purpose
  • Procession for Charitable Purpose
  • Veteran Rally or Run
  • Gymkhana
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Concoursd’Elegance.
  • Certificates of Exemption for Motorsport UK approved Marshal’s Training are also available at no charge.

Is an RS Clubman licence required for Certificate of Exemption events?

Competitors and Passengers do not require an RS Clubman licence if the event has a Certificate of Exemption unless specifically required by Motorsport UK.

What is a Gymkhana?

A Gymkhana is a series of fun games or tests where no test is determined solely by the speed or skill of the driver controlling the vehicle.

The types of activity include balancing objects on the car bonnet, collecting items from cones and wheel changing. It is not an Autotest. You may time some activities but not to an accuracy of less than 5 seconds. There must not be more timed tests than untimed.

Social Runs & Touring Assemblies – Is a Certificate of Exemption needed?

  • Social Runs: A non-competitive run for likeminded participants where there is no other purpose than the camaraderie of motoring in company to a predetermined point and which is not within the jurisdiction of Motorsport UK.

A Social Run does not require a Permit or Certificate of Exemption and is not covered by Motorsport UK insurance policies.

  • Touring AssembliesAn activity organised with the primary object of assembling tourists at a point determined beforehand.

In a Touring Assembly:

(a) a prescribed route may have to be followed.
(b) pre-arranged points may be provided for in the event’s itinerary,
(c) no limits of speed may be laid down,
(d) no requirement to visit prearranged points, other than a requirement to report at a final point not later than a specified time, are permitted
(e) no awards of any description, other than those in relation to activities arranged at the finishing point may be made or given.

Where any or all of the above points become a mandatory part of the itinerary the Event will be subject to the requirements of Route Authorisation (Motor Vehicles (Competitions and Trials) Regulations).

The Regulations for the event must be clearly endorsed ‘Touring Assembly’, and before publication the consent in writing of Motorsport UK and its approval of the regulations for the Touring Assembly have first been obtained, by issue of a Certificate of Exemption, and where the route runs through the territory of an ASN other than Motorsport UK, that R.1.3 of these Regulations has been complied with.

The programme of a Touring Assembly may include additional events (other than speed) provided that they are held only at the place of final assembly.

No prize money may be allocated in respect of Touring Assemblies.

Touring Assemblies require a Certificate of Exemption which includes the Insurance cover to protect the Club, Officials and Motorsport UK.

Is Route Authorisation required for Touring Assemblies and Social Runs?

Touring Assemblies and Social Runs are not competitions so Authorisation under the Motor Vehicles (Competitions & Trials) Regulations 1969 is not required.

For Touring Assemblies there must not be any timing or requirement to visit pre-arranged points, other than the finish where a specified time ‘window’ may be included. No prize money may be allocated nor any awards given, except those in relation to activities off the public highway at the finish. Motorsport UK Clubs will require Certificate of Exemption to cover the event.

Details of the route for all events traversing the public highway whether wholly of partly must be supplied to the Route Liaison Officers (RLOs) within sufficient time and their advice acted upon. Please note where there is no route; details of the event must include the points to be visited. It is suggested that the contact be made with the Route Liaison Officers at the time of submission to the Permit Section of your application. (R2.1). An up to date list of RLO contacts can be obtained from the Document Library.

Social Runs do not require a Permit or Route Authorisation and it is not a requirement to contact the Route Liaison Officer.