Designed to encourage first-time participation in motorsport

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Taster events

Taster Events are entry-level competitions designed to encourage first-time participation in motorsport.

Motorsport UK registered clubs may organise events prescribed in General Regulation D4.5 as a Taster Event where, provided Motorsport UK has granted specific approval, members of unrecognised clubs or members of the public may participate but not officiate and will be deemed to be a member of the club for the day on completion of an application form for an RS Clubman Competition Licence.

Taster Events can be organised for any of the following event types, and will be run at Clubmans permit status.

  • 12 Car Rallies
  • Navigational Scatters
  • Sporting Trials
  • Car Trials
  • AutoSOLO
  • Autotests
  • Production Car Autotests
  • Cross Country Trials (Untimed)
  • Cross Country Tyro Trials
  • Classic Reliability Trials
  • A Veteran Car Rally (Or Run) (R.17.3)
  • Navigational Rallies limited to 20 cars not being part of a championship.

To apply for a Taster Event, please apply online and add the words ‘Taster Event’ to the Event Description/Title of Event. If the event is part of a dual permit, then the Taster Event must be included in the Supplementary Regulations and in the title of the application, such as ‘Autotest – To include Taster Event’.


Clubs and Organisers

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