Designed to encourage first-time participation in motorsport

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Taster events

Taster Events are entry-level competitions designed to encourage first-time participation in motorsport. Motorsport UK-registered clubs are permitted to run one such event per year in each discipline for the public and non-club members.

Taster Events can be organised for any of the following disciplines, as per General Regulation D4.5, and will be run at Clubmans permit status.

  • 12 Car Rallies
  • Navigational Scatters
  • Sporting Trials
  • Car Trials
  • AutoSOLO
  • Autotests
  • Production Car Autotests
  • Cross Country Trials (Untimed)
  • Cross Country Tyro Trials
  • Classic Reliability Trials
  • A Veteran Car Rally (Or Run) (R.17.3)
  • Navigational Rallies limited to 20 cars not being part of a championship.

To apply for a Taster Event, please apply online and add the words ‘Taster Event’ to the Event Description/Title of Event. If the event is part of a dual permit, then the Taster Event must be included in the Supplementary Regulations and in the title of the application, such as ‘Autotest – To include Taster Event’.


Clubs and Organisers

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