2021 Licence Renewals

Motorsport UK has developed a three-part plan for our 2020 competitors renewing for 2021. This recognises the impact of the past few months, whilst ensuring the governing body can continue to protect and sustain the sport:

  • Competition licence prices are being held at 2020 levels, with no annual inflationary increment
  • 2020 competitors will have the option to access a 25% loyalty discount on their 2021 licence when renewing by 31 January 2021 (see terms and conditions below)
  • A commitment to provide a 2022 discount in the event of another significant national motorsport suspension in 2021

The following terms and conditions apply to the optional 25% loyalty discount:

  • The discount applies to all Competitor licences, Entrant National licences and Entrant Kart (valid for UK) licences. It is NOT applicable to International Entrant licences
  • Motorsport UK must receive the fully completed application form by 31st January 2021
  • Discounts cannot be issued retrospectively for licences that have already been issued
  • The discount is only applicable to primary licences (as competitors already receive a discount on a second licence)
  • The discount is only available to those who held a Competitor or Entrant licence in 2020
  • The discount can only be applied to a renewal of a 2020 licence of the same or higher grade

Fees – International Competitor Licences

Race2021 Fee25% Discounted Fee
Race International A£1,193£894.75
Race International B£430£322.50
Race International C
Race International Truck C
Race International D
Kart2021 Fee25% Discounted Fee
Kart International A£220£165
Kart International B£191£143.25
Kart International C Senior
Kart International C Restricted
Kart International C Junior
Rally and Speed2021 Fee25% Discounted Fee
Speed International R
Drag International (Class 1)
Off Road International C
Cross Country International R
Rally International R
Rally International H

Fees – National Competitor Licences

Race2021 Fee25% Discounted Fee
Race National
Race National Truck
Race Club (UK Only)
Race Club (Formerly Race Inter Club)
Kart2021 Fee25% Discounted Fee
Kart National£89£66.75
Kart Inter Club (UK Only)£59£44.25
Kart Clubman (UK Only)
Kart Clubman Bambino (UK Only)
Rally and Speed2021 Fee25% Discounted Fee
RS National – Stage Rally£155£116.25
RS National – Navigator£99£74.25
RS National – Drag
RS National
RS Inter Club – Stage Rally (UK Only)
RS Inter Club – Stage Rally Junior (UK Only)
RS Inter Club (UK Only)£69£51.75

Fees – Entrant Licences

2021 Fee25% Discounted Fee
Entrant National£295£221.25
Entrant PG (UK only)£25£18.75
Kart Valid for UK£195£146.25

2021 Competiton Licence Application Form


2021 Entrant Licence Application Form


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