Good luck and enjoy rallying!

Good luck and enjoy the sport

So, you have read our online guide, familiarised yourself with the Blue Book, watched the safety film, completed the BARS course, taken out your licence and hopefully joined your local motor club. You are now ready to enjoy the sport for many years to come.

Motorsport UK and its event-organising member clubs do their utmost to minimise motorsport’s inherent risk, but ultimately only you are responsible for your personal safety.

Motorsport volunteers are just that –volunteers. They are there because they love the sport and their only job is to help you to enjoy it in a safe and fair environment, so please treat them with the respect that they deserve.

Always respect your fellow competitor, who shares your love of motorsport and is likely to have invested just as much time, effort and resource as you have.

Now there is just one thing left to do: Go rallying!

Go Rallying

Watch the Film

Read the Yearbook


The Co-Driver