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ATA Carnet to Europe – FAQs

On 31 December 2020, the temporary transition arrangements in place between the EU and the UK expired, affecting the movement of motorsport vehicles and equipment to the EU. Following advice, Motorsport UK understands that an ATA Carnet will be required to temporarily move motorsport vehicles and equipment across the border.

An ATA Carnet is an international Customs document that operates like a passport for your goods.  It allows the temporary importation of goods into countries that are part of the ATA Carnet system (the EU and 40+ additional countries) and avoids you having to pay unnecessary taxes or duties. ATA Carnets cover all goods that are leaving the UK and returning within a 12-month period.  They do not cover disposable goods (oil, fluids) that will be used while out of the country or items that will not be returning to the UK.

For the latest information, please refer to the UK Government website, where you will find detailed advice on what has changed since Brexit:

More information on Temporary Admission can be found at and a full list of eligible goods can be found at

More information on ATA/CPD carnets can be found at and

Below are a series of Questions and Answers which may assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an ATA Carnet for the transportation of a car used for motorsport when entering the EU?

I wish to take a road legal competition car on a trailer across the border to the EU and then compete on circuits or at a rally; will I need an ATA Carnet?

I am not a paid competition driver and want to compete in the EU just for fun, do I still need a carnet?

I plan on taking some spare equipment, tyres, parts and tools on my trip – do they need a carnet?

Can I use a CPD carnet rather than ATA Carnet?

I want to take a kart overseas, do I need a carnet?

Is there any difference between taking a non-road legal competition car over for a non-competitive event (e.g. concours or show) or a competitive event where the vehicle will be raced?

If someone else, a friend or commercial driver, were to trailer my road-registered and road legal car to the EU, would they need a carnet?

Is the carnet for travelling just to France or can I use the same carnet and drive to any EU country?

Will I need a carnet to compete in Northern Ireland if taking the ferry from Wales?

If I live in Northern Ireland, will I require a carnet to compete south of that Border?

Are there any carnet requirements travelling between mainland/ NI and the Channel Islands/ Isle of Man?

If I do not buy a carnet and one is required, what is the consequence?

If my car is badly crashed do I need to bring it back to the UK?

What is a T1 form and can it help?

I am headed to Switzerland, do I need a carnet?

Are the rules regarding carnets two-way and impact overseas competitors visiting and competing in the UK?

Where will customs documentation be checked? At the port or elsewhere.

What other paperwork has changed?