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FIA Motorsport Games: Auto Slalom

A new for 2022 event, the Auto Slalom (Autotest) is all about car control. A team of two drivers from each country (one male, one female) will aim to set the fastest time around a memorised, low-speed course without hitting any cones. The team with the lowest accumulated combined time will be the winners, although penalties are incurred for hitting cones or for taking the wrong route. Vehicles will be provided by the FIA.

Key Information

  • Vehicle: Electric road car (eg Ford Fiesta) will be supplied by the FIA (make and model TBC)
  • Venue: Circuit Paul Ricard, Slalom Area
  • Entry fee: €1000 (€500 per competitor)
  • Entry requirements: Competitors must be aged 16+ and hold a Motorsport UK National competition licence

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