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FIA Motorsport Games: Digital Motorsport

The Digital Motorsport event will take place at the SRO Race Centre at Circuit Paul Ricard over Friday 29 October and Saturday 3o October. The competition will be played on Gran Turismo Sport, the bestselling racing game on PlayStation 4 using the same systems as developed by Polyphony Digital Inc. for the FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championships.

A large stage will be set up with 12 racing rigs in front of a large LED screen where a series of qualifying and knockout stages will take place. The top 12 drivers will then advance to the Grand Final.

The competition will be held under the supervision of a real-life FIA Race Director and Stewards. Competitors must be aged 16-and-over and must be able to pay the entry fee €1000.

Please send any queries to By registering your interest you are agreeing to Motorsport UK’s Terms and Conditions if chosen to represent the UK in the 2021 FIA Motorsport Games.

Think you’ve got what it takes to represent the UK in Digital Motorsport? To register your interest in entering this event, please complete the form at the link below.

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