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Performance Master Classes

The Performance Master Classes (PMCs) are bespoke workshops designed to introduce junior competitors and karters to the concepts of sports science and human performance.

Originally developed by Motorsport UK in conjunction with the Youth Sports Trust and the Racing Steps Foundation, the workshops represent the first step along the Academy pathway.

Qualified Motorsport UK coaches deliver the workshops free of charge at a range of events across the country throughout the season. The workshops are:

  • Engineering an athlete: Why physical fitness if important for drivers
  • Fuelling yourself: The importance of proper nutrition and hydration
  • Winning teams: Why a driver’s support team matters
  • Brand Nü, Brand U: How image and branding can have a career impact
  • Funding your future: How to secure sponsorship and what sponsors look for
  • Living the dream: Understanding the real-life demands of a top-level athlete
  • Working to win: Taking the right approach pre- during- and post-event
  • Driving 101: The technical aspects of driving and the importance of a common language between driver and team
  • The inside line: An introduction to how sports psychology can benefit a driver.

The coaches also offer bespoke championship support, which can include one-on-one driver coaching, guidance for parents, and supporting driver duties such as data debriefs.

F4 British Championship certified by FIA – powered by Ford: MOTORSPORT UK ACADEMY DRIVER COACHING

The Motorsport UK Academy Driver Coaching programme develops the knowledge and understanding of drivers in the F4 British Championship. It provides them with an alternate perspective designed to compliment the coaching and training they do with their own teams. Drivers are able to overlay data traces from a lap of their choice on the pole position lap and analyse video footage of their lap with qualified Academy Coaches to develop both their driving technique and understanding. The programme is focused on achieving long term development and close racing. It has enabled drivers to make strides forward in performance regardless of budget, resources or team size.

Anti-doping sessions form part of every PMCs delivery; they are mandatory for all junior championships and are available to further championships on request. The Motorsport UK Academy also comprises approximately 25 drivers aged 14-24 who have demonstrated potential excellence. These are delivered by qualified advisers, who use UK Anti-Doping’s 100%ME programme to educate athletes on anti-doping topics such as rules and regulations, key things an athlete needs to know, testing procedures and where to go for further information.

To date, the Performance Master Classes team has engaged with a number of different championships and associations:

Motorsport UK Academy

Driving Talent Forwards

Team UK

Pinnacle of Motorsport UK Academy Talent
Team UK