A sustainable and responsible model for British motorsport

The Sport

Environmental Responsibility

Motorsport UK remains committed to creating a sustainable and responsible model for British motorsport. Primarily this is achieved through regulation, for example:

  • There is a list of acceptable tyres for stage rallying, with treads that limit the damage caused to road surfaces
  • Window film is mandated on stage rally cars to minimise the spread of glass if there is an accident
  • Mud flaps are required on stage rally cars to keep displaced gravel on the road surface
  • The mandatory use of spill kits at all events limits the potential environmental impact of spilt substances.

Motorsport UK regulations also allow for the development of vehicles powered by alternative fuels and technologies, which are permitted to compete on a level playing field with the risk managed appropriately. Technologies developed within motor sport that yield environmental benefits include fuel management and energy recovery systems.

Venue operators are acutely aware of their environmental responsibilities and are actively minimising their environmental impact by recycling waste, disposing of used tyres appropriately, using recycled materials wherever possible and using electronic communications.

Limiting noise pollution is also extremely important and the Motorsport UK Yearbook details the noise limits for various competition vehicles.

This environmental approach extends to teams as well. In 2013 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes became the first motor sport company to receive the FIA Institute’s Environmental Award for the Achievement of Excellence, which is part of a broader initiative between the FIA and the FIA Institute aimed at evaluating and reducing the environmental impact of motor sport.

McLaren underwent a series of stringent assessments set out by FIA Institute’s environmental experts. The Formula One team achieved the highest level through demonstrating a commitment to continual improvement and impressive environmental awareness throughout the entire organisation.

The FIA has also established an Alternative Energies Commission to investigate the advancement of alternative energies in motor sport. Lord Paul Drayson, former Minister for Science and Technology is a member; his Drayson Racing Technologies concern has developed the Lola Drayson B12/69 EV, an all-electric racing car which set a new FIA World Electric Land Speed Record for sub-999kg cars of 205.139mph.