A sustainable and responsible model for British motorsport

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Environmental Responsibility

Motorsport UK want to ensure that our sport is sustainable, accessible, inclusive and safe for all of our community.

In order to take the urgent action which is required to tackle climate change, Motorsport UK is committed towards the following principles:

  • Taking a science-based approach in understanding the environmental impact of UK motorsport and identify improvements
  • Engaging with stakeholders to educate them on calculation of carbon footprint, reduction strategy and offsetting matters
  • Leveraging the exceptional engineering community across stakeholders to identify and develop technology to combat climate change
  • Establishing targets for all Motorsport UK clubs to be part of the Environmental Sustainability Accreditation
  • Establishing a target for Motorsport UK to reach net-zero carbon footprint
  • Through our actions reduce impact on biodiversity, air quality and other eco systems

More details on our specific commitments for climate action and wider sustainability ambitions can be found in the following document: Motorsport UK Sustainability Strategy 2021 – 2030.

Motorsport UK has a Sustainability Committee which comprises the following members:

2022 Sustainability Committee

David Lapworth (Chair), Catherine Bond Muir  Dr Antonio Ciriello, Paddy Lowe, Dr Cristiana Pace, Jonathan Palmer, Tom Purves, Roger Ratley, Ben Taylor, Ben Willshire