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Trial National Competition Rules

Motorsport UK is pleased to release trial National Competition Rules (NCR) in a move towards modernising and improving the accessibility of the rules that govern the sport.

The transition to the 2025 National Competition Rules primarily represents a format overhaul with minimal material amendments to the existing regulations. While the essence and standards of the sport remain unchanged, the adoption of a digital-only format and the introduction of discipline-specific ‘Yearbooks’ aim to enhance clarity, accessibility, and navigability for all participants. The revisions ensure that all participants can easily access and interpret the regulations while maintaining the integrity of the sport.

How to use the NCR

The new text is intended to be digital only and although at trial stage hyperlinking may be limited, the 2025 version when published later in 2024 will enable full hyperlinking capabilities to create ease of reference and searching.

A key highlight of the 2025 NCR is the introduction of discipline-specific ‘Yearbooks’. Each sporting discipline will be able to download the core Chapters 1 – 11 with its respective discipline Chapter – such as Chapter 12 for Race and Chapter 13 for Rally. To provide better navigation, all the material wording for a discipline is contained in its own chapter, eliminating the need for cross-referencing across various Chapters.

Moreover, the 2025 NCR consolidates vehicle requirements, previously scattered across sections J and K, into a single comprehensive Chapter 7 (Competitor Vehicles and Vehicle Safety Equipment). Similarly, all Competitor Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guidelines are now conveniently placed within Chapter 9. You will also notice that each Chapter is split into multiple Appendices for ease of reference. The Appendices are further broken down into Articles, meaning references to the Regulations will now be displayed as ‘Ch.1 App.1 Art.1’, for example.

Community Consultation and Input

The draft text has been the subject of extensive specialist Committee consultation. Defunct regulations have been removed, text has been tidied and simplified wherever possible.


Throughout the 2024 season, select Events will trial the format of the 2025 NCR in order to gain practical feedback of the new format. If you have an Event that you wish to run under the trial NCR, please contact:

Any Motorsport UK member can provide feedback directly at:

To explore the trial National Competition Rules, please click the links below.

2025 National Competition Rules

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