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Club Safeguarding Officers

Club Safeguarding Officers help to make motorsport a safe and supportive environment for children, young people and adults who need some additional support. The role of Club Safeguarding Officer is essential in supporting the club to meet their moral and legal duties by identifying and managing risks to the club community. They should be a friendly and approachable person, there to support their club members to get the most out of their sport in a safe and enjoyable way.

Motorsport UK ask that all clubs have a Club Safeguarding Officer available and contactable at their events. This section of the club toolkit aims to support clubs in recruiting, licensing, onboarding and promoting their Club Safeguarding Officer.

How to recruit a Club Safeguarding Officer

Club Safeguarding Officer Application Form

Day-to-day responsibilities of a Club Safeguarding Officer

As well as the resources above, we have also created some posters in order to show who your Club Safeguarding Officer is: