About Us


Chief Executive:Hugh Chambers


General Secretary:Joel Cohen
Legal Counsel: Jamie Champkin
Senior Commercial Paralegal & Business Affairs Manager:Melanie Thrower
Head of Safeguarding:Linda Medlicott
Compliance Officer:Jennifer Carty

Operations and Facilities

Operations & Facilities Manager:Chris Walkingshaw
IT Manager:Adam Keely


HR Manager:Sheila Barter


Commercial Director:Colin Clark
Commercial Manager:Martin Fallon
Director of Marketing and Communications:Tracy Novak
Communications Manager:Ben Buesnel
Membership Services Manager:Michael Wentworth
Assistant Membership Services Manager:Gary Phillips

Customer Services

Competition & Clubs Manager:Simon Fowler


Technical Sporting Director:John Ryan
Technical Manager:Michael Duncan
Technical Manager:Joe Hickerton


Safety ExecutiveDan Carter


Interim Finance Director:Roger Lovegrove

Sporting Executives

Autotest, Cross Country, Rallies, Regional & Trials Executive:Ian Davis
Race, Speed & Kart Executive:Cheryl Lynch

Secretary to the Motor Sports Council

Secretary to the Council:Andrea Richards

Learning and Development

Director of Learning & Development:Sue Sanders
Head of Sport Promotion:Ian Berry
Officials Pathway Manager:James Betchley
Competitors Pathway Manager:Katie Baldwin

Motorsport UK employs over 55 full-time staff.