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Delivering Safe Events

All sports organisations have a duty to ensure that the events they deliver are safe and do not place people attending at unnecessary risk. It is essential that the club can evidence that it has taken all proportionate steps to ensure the safety and welfare of people in attendance at their events.

The advice provided in this section of the toolkit will help clubs to meet both their moral and legal duty of care.

The Club Safeguarding Officer has responsibility for safeguarding before, during and after all events. Ideally this should not be a person holding other responsibilities for the event due to the number of other responsibilities other roles will have which could impact on the persons ability to focus on safeguarding.

This section of the toolkit is to support the Club Safeguarding Officer in running a safe event, the information in this section will inform your Event Safeguarding Plan by helping you to consider how your policies and procedures will work in practice. It covers

Before the event

  • Working with others
  • Procedures
  • Missing and Separated Persons
  • Risk Assessment
  • Pre-event briefings

Conducting a Safeguarding Risk Assessment

  • Prior to the event
  • During the event
  • After the event

At / During an event

  • How you can promote your role at events
  • Managing reports of missing or separated persons
  • Reporting safeguarding concerns

After an event

  • Completing an event debrief and identifying learning

Before an event

Safeguarding Risk Assessments

During an event

After an event

Safe Events Checklist