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Marshals’ & Officials’ Information

Marshals’ & Officials’ Information

Last updated on 1st November 2023

2024 Formula 1 British Grand Prix – 5-6-7 July

Applications are now open for the 2024 Formula 1 British Grand Prix!

Please read the information below carefully, before making an application.

To be eligible to apply, marshals must:-

  • be a member of a recognised Motorsport UK club.  A summary of your application will be sent to the indicated primary club for verification.  Overseas applicants should provide approval from their National Governing Body.
  • have held the correct grade for the role being applied for, as of 31st December 2022; marshals who had Registered Marshal status (formerly Trainee) and have upgraded since, can still apply if the minimum marshalling days of 12 has been achieved AFTER the upgrade date.
  • renew your Motorsport UK Registration for 2024.
  • submit an application no later than 30th November 2023.
  • have marshalled a minimum of 12 (TWELVE) days, during the 2023 season.  You should include ALL circuit race event days that you have marshalled in ANY capacity.

Application Form Notes

  • Please note that marshalling for the minimum number of 12 days is not a guarantee of selection.
  • Only Motorsport UK or FIA licenced CIRCUIT RACE event days are eligible to be counted (training days, track days, kart and motorcycle events are excluded).
  • Only submit ONE form. If you need to make any updates, please send the information through to Please do not submit a second form unless advised to do so.

Priority will be given to officials who are available to attend all 3 event days (5/6/7 July) and are available to sign-on and attend additional training sessions/briefings on Thursday 4th July, where required.

If you have individual circumstances that prevent you from meeting the criteria above, please complete the form and send a covering e-mail to  for consideration.

The following roles can be applied for via this application method:-

Post Chief

Incident Officer

Flag Marshal

Track (Incident) Marshal

Paddock Marshal

Pit/Grid Marshal

Fire Tender driver

JCB Snatch

Driver Recovery/Marshals’ Minibus

Race Communications

Race Phones

Rescue (Silverstone unit personnel)

Breakdown (Silverstone unit personnel)

Marshals’ Welfare Team



Chiefs, deputies and assistants of roles are appointed once the application process is complete.  An application form should be completed, as above.


The following roles are appointed outside of this application process:-

Clerk of the Course


Medical Team

Sweeper personnel

Independent Rescue Unit personnel

Independent Breakdown personnel


If you would like to apply to marshal at the British Grand Prix and you have not heard from your marshalling club, or you are an overseas marshal, please contact the Events Team at

Thank you for reading the requirements carefully and we look forward to any application you may wish to make in respect of the 2024 event.

Events Team