Disabled Competitors & Applicants

Guidance on Applying for a Motorsport UK Competition Licence

Motorsport UK aims to make motorsport broadly accessible and as long as you can show you are competent, safe and medically fit behind the wheel, there is no reason why you can’t compete in motorsport, whatever your disability.

Motorsport UK will sometimes need to refer to Consultants or Specialists; all information will be treated in the strictest of confidence subject to disclosure of necessity for example in the event of injury or other need for treatment at an Event.

Inter Club, National and International Licences

Any applicant with a congenital abnormality of any limb or amputation or having any other mobility restriction must contact the Medical Administrator at Motorsport UK ( or +44 (0) 1753 765011) who will be pleased to assist with your application.

Any applicant wishing to obtain a competition licence and who is required to go through a school’s assessment, please do not purchase a pack or book training with an ARDS (Association of Racing Drivers Schools), BARS (British Association of Rally Schools) or ARKS (Association of Racing Kart Schools) school until your Motorsport UK Licence Assessment form has been returned and approved by Motorsport UK.

Section 4 of the licence application form is to be completed by the applicant’s GP and must be supplemented with a letter from the GP detailing the applicant’s medical condition.

For safety reasons, all applicants must be able to exit the vehicle unaided from a fully strapped in position within 10 seconds regardless of discipline or competition vehicle. The applicant must therefore submit a video recording to Motorsport UK of themselves exiting the proposed competition vehicle, or similar competition vehicle, commencing with the applicant seated in a position ready for competition wearing full personal safety equipment including helmet, FHR (where applicable), with seatbelts fastened and steering wheel in place. We will retain a copy of the video as a record. Please send this with your licence application to or via post to the Medical Administrator.

Applicants must obtain an official Motorsport UK disability sticker which should be affixed to their vehicle on both sides adjacent to the competition numbers in compliance with Regulation H12.1.7 of the Motorsport UK Yearbook. Two stickers will be made available free of charge for each licensed disabled competitor.

Taking your Driving Test (ARDS/BARS/ARKS only)

Once your Licence Assessment has been completed and approved, you are ready to buy your Go Racing/Rallying/Karting packs. When you have decided where you wish to take your test, you must inform Motorsport UK of your chosen school. Motorsport UK will then contact the ARDS/BARS/ARKS school to inform your examiner of your disability and the approved controls you will use in your exam. Once this has been done, you can contact the school directly to book a suitable day to take your test.

Issue of Licence

Once the course has been completed, the signed confirmation form from the ARDS/ARKS/BARS instructor must be sent to the Medical Administrator at The application will go through its final review. The licence will be issued with any conditions on the back of the licence, such as the use of automatic transmission cars only.

Should circumstances change, the Competition Licence Holder is required to inform the Motorsport UK Medical Administrator who will support and advise as necessary.

Details of Restrictions and Conditions on Licence

Restrictions to an ‘automatic only’ licence will apply if the applicant has taken their ARDS or BARS exam in a car with an automatic transmission. If the competitor wishes to have these restrictions removed, they will have to apply to Motorsport UK who will ask for details and footage or the competitor driving a manual car on a circuit or stage. Another ARDS or BARS exam may be required but this will be subject to Motorsport UK assessing the footage sent in and the details of the manual controls.

Any competitor with a medical condition, including a disability, may require additional medical sign-off and therefore Express Handling cannot be guaranteed.

Motorsport UK Vehicle Passport (Inter Club, National or International status events)

Disabled drivers who compete with adaptations may require a valid Motorsport UK Vehicle Passport which details the adaptations fitted to the competition vehicle. A separate passport is required for each vehicle you wish to use at Motorsport UK events. In order to issue a Motorsport UK vehicle passport, an inspection by selected scrutineers is required and will be FOC when competing in categories which do not normally require a vehicle passport.

If the type of adaptation changes from the controls detailed on the vehicle passport or the initial assessment form, then Motorsport UK must be consulted.

Please contact the Technical Department ( +44 (0) 1753 765000) who will guide you through the process.

RS Clubman Licences

These can be applied for online (RS Clubman Licence application) if you can comply with the following questions:

1a. Do you have any medical condition that affects your ability to drive and control a car?
If you have answered YES to question 1a, you must answer question 1b

1b. Do you hold a full road driving licence that is consistent with the car you will use for competing?
If you have answered NO to question 1b, please contact the Motorsport UK Membership Services team

2a. Are you epileptic or do you suffer from any fits, fainting spells or blackouts or take any medication to control this?
If you have answered YES to question 2a, you must answer question 2b

2b. Have you had any fits, or blackouts in the last 5 years?
If you have answered YES to question 2b, please contact the Motorsport UK Membership Services team.

The Membership Services team can be reached at or on +44 (0)1753 765050, they will be only too happy to help:

For more information, please see the guidance flowchart below:

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