Disabled Competitors & Applicants

Disabled Competitors in Motorsport

Motorsport UK aims to make motorsport broadly accessible and as long as you can show you are competent, safe and medically fit behind the wheel, there is no reason why you can’t compete in motorsport, whatever your disability.


RS Clubman licence

The RS Clubman licence is new for 2020 and gives the licence holder access to a number of great member benefits. The RS Clubman licence is provided to drivers and passengers both disabled and non-disabled free of charge. If you are a driver and you are disabled you must hold a DVLA driving licence. Disabled passengers may apply as per the RS Clubman licence application form without further requirements. RS Clubman licence holders do not need a Vehicle Passport but adaptations must be permanently fitted to the vehicle and deemed to be safe and appropriate for road use by the DVLA. If adaptations fall outside of these requirements and guidelines then please contact Motorsport UK who will consider these applications on a case-by-case basis.



Guidance on applying for a Motorsport UK Competition Licence

Guidance Summary Flowchart

Motorsport UK Licence Assessment for Disabled Competitors