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FAQ: General

What constitutes an event?

Where an activity is organised by a Club for its members and advertised through whatever medium that Club uses to publicise its activities, that activity is an event. The organisers have a liability and that activity must have approval from Motorsport UK. This applies only to Motorsport UK Affiliated Clubs.

Such approval includes the protection provided by the Motorsport UK Master Policies in respect of the public liability.

Alternatively, where a group of persons, who may share membership of a Club, arrange between themselves to meet up and do something together, then such informal activities may not be construed as a Club event and do not require approval from Motorsport UK.

How do I open an event to foreign licence holders?

Motorsport UK’s Fixtures and Permits National Calendar lists those events which are open to foreign licence holders in accordance with the FIA International Sporting Code Article 2.3.

Competitors and drivers who wish to take part in a competition organised abroad can only do so with the approval of their own ASN and organisers must be in possession of that approval before the competitor is allowed to compete.

Organisers must confirm in their Event Supplementary Regulations if the event is open to foreign participation and include it in the eligibility section.

How do I update Club Officials?

Club Officials can be updated by logging in as the Club, then going to ‘Edit Club Details’. If you are unsure of your login details please contact the Competitions and Clubs Department.

Within the Edit Club Details section you can update the contact information for the Competition Secretary, Club Secretary, Chairman, President, Treasurer and Chief Marshal, as well as any additional information such as the Regional Associations the Club is registered with and the Club logo. Once you have finished editing each official, click the save button.

Please note changes can take up to 48 hours to update.

How do I renew my Club Registration for next year?

Club registration renewal can be completed online. To do this, please click here and login as your club.

If you do not know your club login details or are unable to complete your registration online for other reasons, please contact the Competitions and Clubs Department.

What information do I need to include on our Club Membership cards?

Motorsport UK are no longer producing pre-printed club membership cards. Clubs are free to produce their own in physical or electronic format. The following information must be included:

  • Name of Club
  • Name of Member
  • Membership Number
  • An Expiry Date for the period of validity of the membership.
  • Optional Place for the members signature (if physical card issued)
  • Optional QR code (if digital card issued)
  • Optional Approved Motorsport UK Recognised Club logo and warning safety Notice A.

The Motorsport UK Recognised Club logo can be obtained from the members area by logging in as the club. The warning safety notice A is available in the Resource Centre on the Motorsport UK website.

The declarations are now included within the free RS Clubman competition licence (or higher).

How long do I need to keep documentation on file?

As a general rule of thumb Motorsport UK retain all records digitally for 7 years unless there is an involvement in an ongoing accident/claim, in which case these can be retained for a longer period.

If it’s financial or business related you should keep them for 6 years.

For General Event paperwork (i.e Signing on sheets, results, entry form etc) you should keep for 3 years plus 6 months for good measure. If an Event involved an accident with a minor you must retain the paperwork until they are 18, then another 3 years and 6 months thereafter.