About Us

Diversify the Sport

Motorsport UK exists to service and grow the sport in the UK.

We can grow the sport by taking a data led approach to understand our community so that we can attract new audiences.

This data-led approach enables us to analyse the trends over the years, so that we can gain insight into our demographics with regard to female participation.

The infographic below shows female participation numbers under Motorsport UK’s jurisdiction from 2022. Motorsport UK is collecting disability, ethnicity and gender, beyond female and male, in 2023 which will be represented in future versions.

The data demonstrates that there is a long road ahead to encourage more women to join and stay within the world of motorsport.

That’s why Motorsport UK and our Women in Motorsport Expert Committee undertake a number of initiatives and programmes aimed at seeking to create positive change – such as Women in Motorsport Day which took place at the 2022 British Grand Prix and our Girls on Track UK programme that reaches communities and schools across the UK.