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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

In 2021 Motorsport UK made a big step forward in its Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) journey. The establishment of a dedicated EDI Committee, complemented by Sub-committees for Racial Diversity, LGBTQ+, Women in Motorsport and Accessibility & Disability, set us off on the journey as we welcomed their expertise.

Establishing this representation was in addition to initiatives already underway at Motorsport UK, particularly those geared towards the entry-level of the sport, such as Girls on Track UK.

However, there is a great deal more to be done in changing the culture within the sport to one that celebrates diversity and enables full involvement of underrepresented and disadvantaged groups.

Our message is simple. The sport needs to be more diverse and welcoming to everyone. Below you can find out more about our strategy that encapsulates our vision for change and maps our route forward as we seek to understand, report upon and broaden our demographics.

It is a vision for the whole sport and becoming genuinely diverse, inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

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Our EDI Strategy

Committee List

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

LGBTQ+ Committee

Disability and Accessibility Committee

Women in Motorsport Committee

Racial Diversity Committee