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MoD Liaison Officer

Motorsport UK are delighted to introduce our new licenced official, MoD Liaison Officer (MLO). The MLO will engage with the MoD and its agents to establish a single point of contact, identify new venues for events and provide guidance and information to helps club using MoD sites.

There are 12 MLO’s to cover the 13 regional areas, their details are covered below and can be found in the 2023 Yearbook.

The process of communication between Clubs and MLOs is set out below:

  • The Club contact MLO three months before the start of the event with the date and venue.
  • The MLO will advise he Club of the MoD Contact and any site requirements/protocols/event clashes.
  • The Club contacts the MoD for permission/licence/contract.
  • The Club to maintain contact with the MLO to discuss any issues, including any difficulty obtaining permissions.

It is recognised that other arrangements may be appropriate for others venues separate to the normal process above, however in all cases the MLO must be aware of all the applications and events within their region.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the Competitions and Clubs team.

Area & MapMoD Liaison OfficerContact
Ordnance Survey Map
Brian HemmingsEmail
07703 830 704
Ordnance Survey Map
Phil HallEmail
Ordnance Survey Map
Andy KobasaEmail
07912 451 139
Ordnance Survey Map
Phil FosterEmail
07785 352 559
Ordnance Survey Map
Wilson CarsonEmail
07831 454 031
Ordnance Survey Map
Keith WainEmail
07818 017 766
Ordnance Survey Map
Richard FieldEmail
07870 781 908
Ordnance Survey Map
Dave ClarkEmail
07967 627 833
Ordnance Survey Map
Kevin MooreEmail
07790 429 791
Ordnance Survey Map
John ArnoldEmail
07836 384 843
Ordnance Survey Map
Phil FosterEmail
07785 352 559
SAMSCTom MatthewsEmail
07967 240 292
Ordnance Survey Map
Chris PhillipsEmail
07307 877 750

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