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Environmental Sustainability

We recognise that our sport has a part to play in tackling climate change for the good of our planet and people. Everything that we do as an organisation is rooted within our firm commitment to reaching net zero as an organisation.

Government policy is closely monitored by our team to best understand the impact it can have across our sport. That means we can proactively support our community with helpful resources that lead to real outcomes for venues, competitors and volunteers.

Each quarter, our dedicated Sustainability Committee meets to assess how the sport can adapt to reduce its environmental impact. They assess how new technologies can be embraced to support the transition to net zero within motorsport, alongside how they can benefit the mobility sector in wider society, where relevant.

We have developed a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy that acts as a roadmap to guide our journey to net zero. In parallel, we partner with organisations to ensure we stay abreast of best practices within the world of sport. These include the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, British Association for Sustainability in Sport, and the FIA 3* Accreditation programme.

Further information about our strategy, the details on our Sustainability Committee and a range of helpful resources to best support our members can be found below.

Our Environmental Policy

Our Sustainability Strategy


Sustainable Club of the Year


Motorsport UK Sustainability Committee members:

David LapworthR&D Director – Prodrive, Motorsport UK Board Member, Chair of Sustainability Committee
Roger RatleyFord Europe, Member of Motorsport UK Technical Committee, Electric Vehicle Specialist
Dr Antonio CirielloCEO of AVL
Dr Cristiana PaceEnovation Consulting, Representative to the FIA Environment and Sustainability Commission
Paddy LoweFounder of Zero Petroleum, Former F1 Engineer
Ben WilshireDirector of Driven, FIA Environmental Accreditation expert
Ben TaylorChief Executive of BARC
Jonathan PalmerChief Executive of MSV
Tom PurvesChair of Motorsport Council, Board Member, Member of FIA Environmental and Sustainability Commission for Mobility