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Rally Media Accreditation

Motorsport UK’s primary concern is the safety of participants in UK motorsport, whether competitors, volunteers, spectators or the media.

The Motorsport UK Rally Media Accreditation system is only required and valid for special stage rallies, single-venue rallies and rally timed trials. It is underpinned by a Code of Conduct, plus strict conditions, and features two levels to cater for the different needs of journalists and photographers/broadcasters.

Below you will find the application form for 2024 Rally Media Accreditation, and the accredited media list.

NOTE: If you wish to fly a Drone at an event, you must complete the Drone accreditation separately. Please visit the Resource Centre HERE and type in Drone.

Online Marshal and Media Accreditation can be found here.

Apply for 2024 Rally Media Accreditation

View the Accredited Media List