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Post Incident Support

Motorsport UK supports and participates transparently in all post incident investigations as well as providing welfare and support for those licenced volunteers and competitors involved.

A post incident investigation commences from the moment it occurs. The Motorsport UK Safeguarding Team will be in contact with all individuals identified by the nominated event official. Once collated the event official will supply Motorsport UK with a list of the individuals who may have been impacted to offer confidential support.

What do we mean by post incident – Post incident investigations and offers of support will commence in all situations where there has been a fatal, serious or potentially serious injury. Investigations could be carried out if incidents revealed failings or caused danger to participants, staff, volunteers or the public.

Who will carry out the investigation – Post incident investigations could involve not only relevant Motorsport UK staff members and the event officials but also outside agencies including Police and the Coroner (in incidents of fatality) may be involved. It is important that these procedures are open, transparent and that the integrity of all actions can be demonstrated

What does a post incident investigation entail – Post incident investigations could include obtaining evidence and material from various sources over the span of the investigation. You may be approached by external organisations due to the incident including the police. If you have any concerns regarding this please contact Motorsport UK Safeguarding or Safety Team on 01753 765000.

Worried/Concerned? It is understood that you may be concerned by these procedures, but they occur to aid the investigation into what occurred, in some cases for Motorsport UK to provide investigation reports to Coroners court and for future learning. Whilst the investigation is ongoing, Motorsport UK are dedicated to looking after your welfare and support needs in what may have been a traumatic incident. If you are worried or concerned, please contact the Motorsport UK Safeguarding team or Motorsport UK Safety team on 01753 765000.

Welfare – Motorsport UK acknowledges that there may be occasions when its members could be involved with traumatic incidents, as competitors or in carrying out their duties as officials. We encourage you to contact the Motorsport UK Team on 01753 765000 or should you need support.