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Motorsport UK regulations are designed to ensure safety and fair play across four-wheel UK motorsport. These regulations are detailed in the Motorsport UK Yearbook, commonly known as the Blue Book.

All regulations proposed by the Specialist Committees come before the Rules Committee for debate and ratification. However before they reach the Committee, regulations are usually subject to a consultation process that gives the motorsport community an opportunity to provide feedback.

Regulation changes can be implemented without consultation in matters of urgent safety or for clarification purposes, or following recommendations from the Rules Committee to The Board.

Action sheets detailing proposed regulation changes are posted here and can be found via the links on the right. These action sheets contain both contact details and closing dates for submitting comments.

Consultation is taken into account by the Specialist Committees and regulation changes are often revised post-consultation before being presented to the Motorsport UK Board.

To provide advance warning for competitors and officials, new rules approved by The Board for future implementation are published here.

2021 Specialist Committee Dates

Autotest Committee

  • Wednesday 17 February
  • Wednesday 7 July

Cross Country Committee

  • Tuesday 2 March
  • Tuesday 29 June

Historic Committee

  • Tuesday 23 March
  • Tuesday 6 July

Judicial Committee

  • Tuesday 16 March
  • Tuesday 20 July

Kart Committee

  • Tuesday 9 March
  • Thursday 1 July
  • Tuesday 16 November

Medical Committee

  • Thursday 24 June

Race Committee

  • Thursday 25 February
  • Thursday 17 June
  • Thursday 4 November

Rallies Committee

  • Wednesday 10 March
  • Wednesday 21 July
  • Wednesday 10 November

Regional Committee

  • Wednesday 28 April
  • Wednesday 18 August

Rules Committee

  • Tuesday 11 May
  • Tuesday 7 September

Rescue & Recovery Advisory Group

  • Thursday 28 January

Safety Committee

  • Wednesday 14 April
  • Wednesday 11 August

Speed Events Committee

  • Wednesday 24 March
  • Wednesday 21 July

Autocross & Rallycross Sub Committee

  • To be advised

Dragster Sub Committee

  • To be advised

Sprint & Hill Climb Sub Committee

  • To be advised

Technical Committee

  • Tuesday 30 March
  • Tuesday 10 August

Timekeeping Advisory Group

  • Wednesday 16 June

Trials Committee

  • Wednesday 24 February
  • Wednesday 9 June

Volunteer Official’s Committee

  • Thursday 25 March
  • Thursday 5 August