Coach Licence and Benefits

Those who have completed the Motorsport Coach qualification (1st4Sport, Level 2) will be eligible to apply for a Coach Licence which come with benefits, such as the following:

Motorsport UK Coach Licence – applications will be provided to coaches upon completion of the 1st4sport Level 2 in Coaching Motorsport qualification.

Coach Insurance – The level of insurance available to you will be confirmed upon application and will be based on your coaching role e.g. either a Driver Coach or Support Coach.  The maximum level of insurance available will be as follows:

  • Public Liability Insurance – as a qualified coach you will be insured for up to £10 million Public Liability insurance arranged by Marsh Sport,  covering you if you are found to be legally responsible for causing bodily injury to third party (such as a member of the public or another member) or for damage to a third party’s property.
  • Personal Accident Cover – We know that as well as being a dedicated coach you may train and compete regularly yourself.  Personal Accident insurance arranged by Marsh Sport, means you can do this 365 days a year with peace of mind that you are covered along the way for a range of benefits, without worrying about being not having protection if an unfortunate accident should occur.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance – as a qualified coach you will be insured for £10 million worth of Professional Indemnity insurance meaning that you are protected for claims made against you in the event you cause an injury or financial loss caused by a negligent acts, errors or omissions during coaching activities and services provided to your drivers or co-drivers.

Access to Continuous Professional Development opportunities and facilitated learning via the Coaching Hub, workshops, conferences

Coach Merchandise and discount on further garments

Motorsport UK Coach logo for use on personal clothing, websites, and marketing materials

A profile on the Coach Finder tool

The initial coach licence fee is included in the price of the 1st4sport Level 2 in Coaching Motorsport.  Thereafter, the coach licence will require renewal every three years following a refresher assessment – the cost of the renewal is TBC and will be communicated as soon as possible. 

Accelerator Award

Certificate in Coaching Motorsport