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Safeguarding is the action of promoting the welfare of children and adults at risk to protect them from harm.

Everyone involved in Motorsport has a part to play in supporting the enjoyment and safety of it’s participants. Motorsport UK is committed to the ongoing development and provision of policies, best practice guidance and central support towards safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk.

Creating a culture of encouraging and listening to children helps develop an environment where children feel able to share their opinions and concerns so poor practice or behaviour can be addressed. For more information on safeguarding children, please see our Child Safeguarding Policy.

Safeguarding Children Policy

Everyone deserves to be safe and has the right to be treated with respect. We follow a “Making safeguarding personal” approach to safeguarding adults at risk, which makes our processes person led and outcome focused. To find out more about Safeguarding Adults at risk, please see our Adults at Risk Safeguarding Policy.

Adults at Risk Policy


Club Safeguarding Toolkit is coming soon.

Safer Recruitment (Suitability Checks)

I am worried about someone, what do I do?

Policies and Guidance

Safeguarding Training - Coming Soon

Information for Young People

Information for Parents and Carers