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Safeguarding Training

Motorsport UK is committed to ensuring that our staff, volunteers and the wider motorsport community have appropriate training to enable them to support children, young people and adults at risk to participate in a safe, fair, fun and inclusive manner.

To assist you in your role, the Motorsport UK Safeguarding Team support the delivery of the following modules:

Safeguarding Awareness Course

The Safeguarding Awareness training is accessible from the learning hub and should be completed by all staff, officials and volunteers. This is a free online introductory course designed to improve understanding of safeguarding in motorsport. It includes details of some of the key indicators to look out for and what to do if you are worried or concerned.

To access the course, please log on to the learning hub.

Safeguarding Course for Club Safeguarding Officers

This one day, in-person course has been designed specifically for our Club Safeguarding Officers, it aims to:

  • Develop the knowledge and skills of our Club Safeguarding Officers
  • Build the confidence of Club Safeguarding Officer’s in the practical aspects of their role
  • Increase awareness of the responsibilities of Club Safeguarding Officers in recognising, responding to and reporting risks in the motorsport environment.

Courses are scheduled to be delivered across the UK in 2023. You can review dates and reserve your place below. Please revisit this page shortly for additional courses.

Details of the trainers delivering these courses can be found here.



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Saturday 7 OctoberEdinbugh, Scotland
Saturday 7 OctoberPattingham, West MidlandsFully Booked
Sunday 8 OctoberCrumlin, Northern IrelandSign up here
Sunday 12 NovemberAberdeen, Scotland
Saturday 25 NovemberGlasgow, Scotland

Driving Safer Cultures

Motorsport UK has developed the “Driving Safer Cultures” course to support team managers, mechanics, instructors and driver coaches to better understand their safeguarding responsibilities. This 3 hour, in-person course can help you to better recognise, respond and report concerning behaviour to children and adults at risk in their environment.

Motorsport UK Safeguarding Course

Driving Safer Cultures:

Embedding Safeguarding in Motorsport

  • Team Managers from Motorsport UK licenced teams with drivers under the age of 18 or similar academy setups
  • Team Personnel Mechanics Instructors
Delivery MethodIn-person 3 hour delivery
FrequencyTo be renewed once every three years
Learning Outcomes
  • Increase your understanding on how to recognise the types of risks prevalent in motorsport environment
  • Consider your role in responding to incidents and concerns – whether they occur within or outside of sport
  • Provide you with mechanisms for reporting concerning or abusive behaviours
  • Discuss the actions that you can take to reduce (or remove) risks
  • Provide supporting resources to help you deliver a safe, fair, fun and inclusive environment

NOTE: If you have completed the “Creating Safer Teams” course in 2023, you do not need to complete the “Driving Safer Cultures” training.



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Thursday 30 November – 1pm to 4pmMotorsport UK HQ, Bicester HeritageClick here

Marshal Training

If you are arranging a training day for Marshals and would like a short input delivered by the Motorsport UK Safeguarding Team please contact the team by emailing

The team will work with you to provide an appropriate session that raises awareness of risks in the environment and the role of Marshals in addressing these.