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FAQ: Permits & Certificate of Exemptions

Do I need a permit?

What is a Certificate of Exemption?

How do I apply for a Permit or a Certificate of Exemption?

What is a Taster Event?

Is an RS Clubman licence required for Certificate of Exemption events?

What is a Gymkhana?

Social Runs and Touring Assemblies - Is a Certificate of Exemption needed?

Is Route Authorisation required for Touring Assemblies and Social Runs?

Treasure Hunts and Touring Assemblies – what do I need to apply for?

What is the difference between a 12 Car Navigational Rally and a 20/20 Navigational Rally?

How far in advance of an event must I apply for a Permit?

What are Supplementary Regulations and what do I need to include?

Why have I received an error message when trying to upload my Supplementary Regulations online?

I cannot apply for permits online

How much does a Permit cost?

How do I pay for Permits?

Why have I received a Late Fee Email?

Can I change some details on a permit that has already been issued?

My event has been cancelled. What should I do?