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All licence applicants are required to complete a medical self-declaration


Medical & Licence requirements

If you are applying for your first ever Race Inter Club, Truck National or Kart Inter Club Licence, please see the Starter Packs page for information on your medical requirements.

All applicants must complete a medical self-declaration each year they apply for a competition licence.

Renewal of International Licences

Your previous medical examination is valid for 12 months and can be used to renew your licence, provided that your application is received and processed before the 12-month validity period expires. The expiry of the 12-month validity period must be beyond 1st January 2023.

When upgrading from National to International level, the licence must be processed within 3 months of a medical examination being completed.

All medical examinations for International licences must be performed within the UK, or must be performed by a doctor registered to a practice in the UK.

A valid ECG is required for all applicants (previous ECG’s are valid for 24 months, excluding members aged 75 and above). For those aged 49 or below, a 12 lead resting ECG is required. For those aged 50 and over, a Stress Related ECG is required (a signed cardiologist’s report must be supplied).

Renewal of National or Inter Club – Race, Truck or Long Circuit Kart Licences

Members aged 14 – 59 years:

Vision Test Only – Section 4A

Required for members aged 14 to 44 years inclusive who have not previously supplied a doctor’s medical report or vision test.

Required for members aged 45 to 59 years inclusive who have not supplied a vision test within the last 36 months.

Members aged 60 years and above: 

Doctor’s Medical Report, 12 lead Resting ECG & Vision Test – Sections 4A & 4B

You must have a medical, 12 lead resting ECG and vision test at the following age intervals: 60, 65, 70, 72, 74 and annually from the age of 75.

For any Licence not mentioned above, no medical or vision test is required unless specifically requested by Motorsport UK.

Full details can be found in The Motorsport UK Yearbook, Common Regulations for Competitors (Licences) (H)