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What can I do for £1000?

At this level you can enjoy a very full year’s sport using your standard road car. For instance you could do a season’s worth of AutoSOLOs, Production Car Autotests, Road Rallies or a combination of all three.

If you don’t just want to do standalone events you could compete in a local championship run by a Regional Association of motor clubs. The main costs for a typical season would be entry fees at around £30 per event, plus petrol and expenses. You could even fit the BTRDA Car Trial Championship or AutoSOLO Challenge into this budget.

Another cost-effective way into rallying is to navigate for someone else. The driver invariably provides the car and while you will come to a deal on how to split the costs, it’s a great way to compete for little money. It is also a hugely challenging, demanding and fun environment in which to start out. If this takes your interest, read on about club motorsport.