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Coaching is key to unlocking potential in motorsport and the Motorsport UK Coach Development pathway can help you lead the way.

Coaching may have been traditionally thought of as a tool to enhance elite performance in motorsport, but it holds far greater potential for encouraging and engaging participants at all levels.

As part of a wider drive to develop participation and the competitor experience, Motorsport UK are pleased to introduce the Coach Development Pathway aiming to put coaching at the heart of every level of motorsport, from grassroots to elite.

Coaches aim to develop the actions, behaviours, preparation and fitness of drivers and co-drivers whilst also improving their performance behind the wheel.

Great reasons to get involved with Coaching:

  1. You stay involved with the sport you love
  2. You feel good knowing that you’re giving something back
  3. You help competitors achieve their goals and contribute to success in motorsport
  4. You develop yourself personally and professionally
  5. You inspire the next generation of competitors

Coaching Pathway:

Our mission is for every motorsport competitor who wishes to improve their knowledge and ability, to have access to consistently skilled and qualified coaches.  Coaching can contribute positively to the competitor’s experience, so they can enjoy a long and fulfilling motorsport journey. 

Motorsport UK will initially launch two development programmes for those who wish to expand their coaching skills. 

The courses are led by our Motorsport UK experts who bring world-leading research and application in practice delivering through case studies, simulations, videos, and webinars. 

Your learning will be practical and actionable allowing you to develop the tools and processes to successful driver development through coaching in motorsport. 

Coaching can be a rich and rewarding role in helping others develop and achieve their personal motorsport goals and we hope you enjoy implementing your learnings in your private coaching sessions or within clubs, schools and your own performance. 

An introduction to the Motorsport UK Coach Development Pathway:

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