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Becoming a Sustainable Club

Motorsport UK want to help Clubs make motorsport sustainable, accessible and inclusive so that it is safe, fair, and fun for all. The information in the sustainability section of the Club Toolkit is a resource that Clubs can use to further their understanding of environmental sustainability and better their sustainable practices. Sustainability should be a consideration in every aspect of club life. 

Carbon Calculator

Motorsport UK’s Sustainability Team and their partners at Carnstone created a Carbon Calculator for Clubs.

What is a Carbon Calculator?

Why is measuring your Club’s carbon footprint important?

How do you reduce your Club’s emissions?

In April 2023, Motorsport UK held a webinar to launch the carbon calculator to tell Clubs how it can support them to be more sustainable, and also hear from clubs that were involved in the pilot. You can watch the webinar here

If your Club is not set up on the Carbon Calculator, get in contact with to enquire further. 

Motorsport UK Sustainability Resources

Access Carbon Calculator Tool

If there are any other sustainability guides you would like for your club, please contact the Club & Community Development Team at 01753765000 or