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The Futures programme identifies, develops and supports talented competitors aged 15-24 who demonstrate exceptional potential to progress through the competitors’ pathway into the Team UK programme and beyond. The programme offers exclusive industry insight, specialist workshops, education sessions and bespoke events aimed at developing and improving all round driving ability.

There are two strands to the Futures programme: one for drivers, and one for Co-Drivers.  Whilst the two strands are predominantly run separately, there is the opportunity for cross over between some of the training sessions.

The Futures programme consists of a combination of online events, 1:1 support and face to face workshops/camps throughout the season, providing individuals with the opportunity to progress and develop both personally and professionally within the sport.

Team UK Futures – Year 2

  • Luke Browning*
  • Tom Canning
  • Charlie Collins
  • Alfie Glenie
  • Josh Hislop
  • Dean MacDonald
  • Josh Martin
  • Sam Neary*
  • Alex Nevill
  • Finlay Retson*
  • Josh Skelton
  • Rob Wilson
  • Nicole Woods
  • Joe Turney


Team UK Futures – Year 1

  • Alex Connor*
  • Jessica Edgar
  • Toby Goodman
  • Logan Hannah
  • Louis Harvey
  • James Hedley
  • Rory Hudson*
  • Will Hunt
  • Eddie Lewis
  • Emily Linscott
  • Tom Llewellin
  • Joseph Loake*
  • Josh Malin
  • Adam Smalley
  • Archie Swinscoe
  • Bailey Voisin*
  • Lydia Walmsley*

Team UK Futures – Co-Drivers

  • Jack Bowen
  • Cameron Fair
  • Hannah McKillop
  • Ian Parker
  • Gareth Parry
  • Rhys Stoneman
  • Ben Teggart
  • Liam Whiteley

If you have any questions about the programme, please contact  and a member of the team will respond as soon as possible.

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