There are many benefits to becoming Motorsport UK Recognised

Clubs & Organisers

Club Recognition

Details of motor clubs seeking to become Motorsport UK Recognised or to change their name will be announced here for a period of four weeks.

There are many benefits to becoming Motorsport UK Recognised. If you are interested in becoming a Motorsport UK Recognised Club or Group, please click here for an information pack.

Motor Clubs applying for recognition:

In order to become recognised a club must have at least 25 members and its rules must have been approved by Motorsport UK. The names and addresses of the members must be supplied with the application. The Club must undertake to comply with all regulations and requirements of Motorsport UK and to pay an annual registration fee and all insurance and other charges and fees due under the General Regulations (and the Appendices thereto).

Motorsport UK Recognised Clubs that wish to object to the recognition of any of the clubs listed below should email a letter (on club headed paper) outlining their concerns to the Competitions and Clubs Team of Motorsport UK.

Change of name:

Motorsport UK Recognised clubs wishing to change their name are required to forward a copy of the minutes of the meeting where the name change was proposed, as well as an updated Club Constitution, to Motorsport UK.