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2023 Committees

Motorsport UK Committees are responsible for developing, evaluating, and amending rules and regulations with regards to their respective areas of expertise. The Committees comprise of existing competitors, volunteer officials and marshals, administrators, all of whom are experts in their respective areas.

All regulations proposed by the Specialist Committees come before the Rules Committee for debate and ratification. However before they reach the Committee, regulations are usually subject to a consultation process that gives the motorsport community an opportunity to provide feedback. Find out further information this process here.

All Motorsport UK Committees are listed below, please click on each respective committee to view members, get in touch with the committee and understand their remit in British motorsport.

Changes for 2024 Committees

There will be nine Discipline Committees with four reporting Sub Committees, six cross-discipline Committees with one reporting sub-committee and three Expert Committees, plus a Medical Expert Group.

The Discipline Committees include: Autotest, Cross Country, Esports, Historic, Kart, Race, Rallies and Speed Events with Sub Committees in place for Autocross & Rallycross, Dragster, Sprint, Hill Climbs and Kart Technical.

The Committees that work across the disciplines are Judicial, Medical, Regional Committee, Safety, Technical, Timekeeping and Volunteers & Officials.

Each Committee will consult with other relevant committees before making their recommendations to the Rules Committee, who in turn report into Motorsport UK’s Board of Directors who review their recommendations.

The Advisory Committees include: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), Sustainability, with Expert Committees for Disability & Accessibility, LGBTQ+, Racial Diversity and Women in Motorsport.

Supporting the various Committees are appointed Working Groups who have specific remits with clear objectives, outcomes and time deadlines to improve effectiveness.

Autotest Discipline Committee

Cross Country Discipline Committee

Historic Discipline Committee

Judicial Committee

Kart Discipline Committee

Kart Technical Advisory Group

Medical Committee

Medical Expert Group

Race Discipline Committee

Rallies Discipline Committee

Rescue & Recovery Advisory Group

Safety Committee

Speed Events Discipline Committee

Autocross & Rallycross Sub Committee

Dragster Sub Committee

Sprint & Hill Climb Sub Committee

Technical Committee

Timekeeping Advisory Group

Trials Discipline Committee

Volunteer Official’s Committee

Clerk’s & Steward’s Advisory Group

Marshal’s Advisory Group

Training Advisory Group

Regional Committee

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