RS Clubman Licence

All competitors (and some passengers) need to hold a new RS Clubman licence as a minimum, in order to compete in a Motorsport UK permitted event. This licence is free of charge and will allow you to compete in the following events run on a Motorsport UK Clubman Permit or Certificate of Exemption:

  • Autocross/Clubcross (inc. Minicross)
  • Autotest/Autosolo
  • Trials
  • Cross Country
  • Road & Navigational Rallying (inc. 12 Car & Scatter)
  • K-X (karting)

In order to apply online, you need to satisfy the below criteria:

  • You are medically fit to compete in motorsport
  • You are a British citizen

If you don’t meet the above criteria – fear not, we will only need a few additional pieces of information. For more information on what age you can compete at, please refer to the Motorsport UK Yearbook

RS Clubman licences are required for passengers.

Applicants for RS Clubman licences who cannot successfully answer the medical questions (see below) will not be allowed to drive on the day, but they will be allowed to be a passenger on the day. These applicants should please contact the Membership Services team.

The medical questions are:

1a. Do you have any medical condition that affects your ability to drive and control a car?
If you have answered YES to question 1a, you must answer question 1b

1b. Do you hold a full road driving licence that is consistent with the car you will use for competing?
If you have answered NO to question 1b, please contact the Motorsport UK Membership Services team

2a. Are you epileptic or do you suffer from any fits, fainting spells or blackouts or take any medication to control this?
If you have answered YES to question 2a, you must answer question 2b

2b. Have you had any fits, or blackouts in the last 5 years?
If you have answered YES to question 2b, please contact the Motorsport UK Membership Services team.

The Membership Services team can be reached at or on +44 (0) 1753 765050, they will be only too happy to help.

If you wish to compete in any other event, please view the Competition Licences section for more details about how to apply for a Motorsport UK Competition licence.

RS Clubman Licence

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Upgrade to a Competition Licence

Upgrade to a Competition Licence