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Who governs motorsport in the UK?

Motorsport UK is the governing body of all four-wheel motorsport in the UK and is responsible for its regulation, administration, development and promotion. Motorsport UK is also the membership organisation at the heart of the sport, offering its members a range of benefits and discounts.

How many different types of motorsport are there?

There are 11 main disciplines of four-wheel motorsport, of which Circuit Racing is just one. To find out more about these disciplines, head over to the Types of Motorsport section.

Do I need a special licence to compete in motorsport?

It depends which type and level of motorsport you want to compete in. For a lot of grassroots motorsport, all you need is to be a member of a local motor club, which you can join on the day. However for Racing, Rallying, some Karting and a few other disciplines you need a Motorsport UK Competition Licence. You also need a licence for any national level events or championships. To find out more, take a look at the Competition Licences page.

How many motorsport events and competitors are there in the UK?

Motorsport UK issues around 5000 event permits every year, so there are plenty to get involved in, whether as a competitor, volunteer or spectator. Motorsport UK also issues around 30,000 Competition Licences annually, but the actual number of people competing in motorsport is closer to 100,000, as you don’t need a licence to take part in the vast majority of grass roots club motorsport events.

Is there any type of motorsport I can do in my road car?

Yes, plenty. Road Rallies and AutoSOLOs are for road cars only, while Autotests and Cross Country events usually have classes for standard road cars. There are also disciplines such as Hill Climb and Sprint, which road cars can enter with just a few minor safety modifications.

What is a motor club?

Motor clubs are groups of motoring and motorsport enthusiasts. Many clubs organise the 4,500 motorsport events that take place every year in the UK. There are over 700 Motorsport UK registered clubs across the country. Find your local club

I want to get involved but not as a driver. What else can I do?

If you don’t want to get behind the wheel, how about getting in the passenger seat? Rallying and Cross Country require co-drivers to let the driver know what’s coming up ahead, and Trials use passengers to help balance the car for the best grip. If you want to keep out of the car altogether you can volunteer as a Marshal or Official. To find out more head over to the volunteering page.

I have a disability – can I still compete in motorsport?

It depends on the exact nature of your disability but, generally speaking, yes you can. Disabled drivers are required to undergo a special assessment before being granted a Motorsport UK Competition Licence but if you pass that there’s nothing stopping you.

How safe is motorsport? I don’t want to get hurt!

Motorsport carries an inherent risk but that risk is managed (i.e. reduced) through the application of sporting and technical regulations. These can include things like requiring the use of helmets and overalls, roll cages, special seats, harnesses and more. All events are run by trained Officials and Marshals, while venues have to be inspected and licensed to make sure they are safe for use. All of this – and more – combines to give motorsport a great safety track record, although accidents can and do happen.

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