Responsible for the delivery of approved training methods




Motorsport UK trainers can be Training Instructors, Lead Trainers or International Trainers, or a combination of all three.

Training Instructors are responsible for the delivery of approved training material at training days. Their expertise can also be called upon in the development of new training material on behalf of Motorsport UK.

Lead Trainers are responsible for the running of the training event.  This may include the selection of the Training Instructors, the material to be delivered, and the control of the training event finances.

International Trainers are selected by Motorsport UK. They are experienced Motorsport UK Trainers who receive additional training in the delivery of motorsport related subjects to International audiences in line with the FIA’s Regional Training Provider scheme.


All Motorsport UK Training Instructors are required to attend a two-day residential Training Instructors course where they are required to demonstrate their instructional ability. In addition, guidance will be given on effective training methods and skills from experienced Motorsport UK Lead Trainers.

Following this course, it is usual for the ‘Trainee Trainer’ to be asked to complete a number of supervised training deliveries prior to their appointment as a full Motorsport UK Training Instructor.

Getting started

For more information on how to become a Motorsport UK Training Instructor please email